The Protein Tracker is a tool developed by the Green Protein Alliance and ProVeg Netherlands. This methodology provides supermarkets and foodservice organizations with valuable data about the volumes of animal vs plant-based proteins they buy and sell. The Protein Tracker is an essential tool for companies who want to know where they stand, set ambitious goals and measure their progress towards more plant-based sales. 

These organisations are measuring their progress with The Protein Tracker:

The path to 50/50 by 2025

The switch to a more plant-based diet is a crucial part of lowering our environmental impact and improving our dietary health. That is why the Dutch government has set a national target. By 2030, Dutch protein consumption should equal that of the year 1950: 50% from animal sources and 50% from plant sources. Currently, the ratio of the Dutch supermarkets sits at 40% plant based and 60% animal based according to The Protein Tracker. Companies are increasingly setting their own targets, often more ambitious than those set by the national government. Most supermarket chains and caterers hope to achieve 50/50 by 2025, and aim for 60% plant-based / 40% animal protein by 2030.

Food producers and suppliers have a large part to play in this plant-based shift. In order to prioritize the sales of plant proteins, it is crucial that they continuously monitor the ratios of plant-based vs. animal proteins in their sales, as well as the impact of specific parameters, such as the pricing of plant-based products or changes in promotional offers.

Will you join the plant-based shift?

Are you a food industry professional interested in using The Protein Tracker? Please contact Green Protein Alliance and ProVeg Netherlands before you get started. There are 4 steps to the Protein Tracker methodology:

How does it work?

1. Calculation

The Protein Tracker can be used by any supplier of food products containing animal and plant-based proteins. To make your own calculations, download the methodology guideline and follow the steps described.

2. Validation

An important and mandatory step in the process is the validation of your data. We will verify that your calculations are carried out in accordance with The Protein Tracker methodology. All validations will be carried out by experts at Green Protein Alliance and ProVeg Netherlands.

3. Publication

Once the validation process is complete, your results can be made public and you can communicate that your results are Protein Tracker-approved.

4. Annual repetition

In order to monitor the steps you’re taking and provide transparency on your progress, we can repeat the Protein Tracker assessment yearly and include your results in your annual reporting.


Methodology (NL)

Methodology (Eng)

Results from the first national Protein Tracker Assessment 2023

First measurement of Dutch supermarkets

A milestone in transparency and collaboration among supermarkets. On March 28, 2024, the first national measurement of the protein ratio in Dutch supermarkets was published. Curious about the outcomes?


The Protein Tracker (Dutch: Eiweet monitor) was developed at the initiative of the Green Protein Alliance (GPA) in collaboration with ProVeg Netherlands. We are proud to present the first fruit of our effort: a standardised monitoring tool created by and for supermarkets to monitor progress towards a better balance between animal and plant proteins. The Protein Tracker was created with input from experts at Natuur&Milieu and Questionmark Foundation and has been approved by the Dutch Ministry for Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality.

These organisations support usage of The Protein Tracker:

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